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Journeys can add a great deal to a story. If you remember the Hero's Journey
type of narrative arc, you know that the journey is just as important as the
destination in terms of character development.

Because Avaria is a story-focused game, we've made the choice for journeys to
take a half-realistic amount of time. We recommend making journeys with other
characters, so that you can interact easily while traveling to another land.

There are different kinds of journeys one might undertake. You might travel
with a caravan, or on a ship, or alone. Most of the time if you travel in a
group, you will not be the leader of the journey, and so you can simply go
along with it. Every day, the journey will move on, and you will receive
plot notes about important journey-related updates.

If you are the captain of a ship or the manager of a caravan, you will have
a map in your quarters that will allow you to adapt the route and check the
status of the journey. You may need to resupply or face failure and tragedy!

plan route <erase / possibilities>
plan route add <destination>

To check the cost of resupplying, you can check with the journey resupply
estimate command. You'll need coin in the coffers in order to pay for

journey resupply estimate
journey resupply <amount of weeks>
journey coffers
journey coffers add <amount>

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