Help Topic: Knock

Category: Actions

You can knock on a door or rattle at a locked door. If the door is
closed, you will knock on the door itself. If it is open, you will
knock on the doorframe.

You can use adverbs such as: timidly, quietly, politely,
violently, loudly, angrily, frantically, gently, or casually

The default for knock is to be casual, while rattling is violent.
If the door is not locked, rattling will open it. If you manage
to be very strong and the lock is weak, rattling it could break
the lock, unless you are rattling it in a very gentle way.

These adverbs will have an effect on how far the noise carries
inside the structure or on the other side of the door or gate.

>>knock <door>
You knock casually on the door.
>>rattle <door>
You rattle violently at the door.
>>knock timidly <door> / knock timidly on <door>
You knock timidly on the door.

You can also 'scrape' at a door, which accomplishes the same as
knocking, but it's a little creepy and weird.

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