Help Topic: Learn

Category: Character

You can increase skills (but not stats) through learning and training. To
increase a skill, you need experience points.

learn/train <skill>
teach <skill>

In order to learn a skill, you need to be in the right situation. For
example, if you want to learn how to swim, you should either be already
swimming in the water or listening to a swimming instructor.

Anyone can instruct, and you can learn from them if they have a skill
level higher than yours. There are NPC instructors whom you can pay for

ask <npc> learn <skill>

In order to teach a lesson, you simply stand in the room and begin to
teach. Anyone who wants to learn from your lesson may do so, and you
will gain experience from every person who learns. You can input 'stop'
when you wish to stop teaching. Remember that you should be roleplaying
this encounter.

If you learn from a teacher who is a PC rather than an NPC, then you
will also be refunded 25% of your spent xp (rounding down).

While you can learn or teach in the middle of a fight, it will leave
you off balance for three minutes.

You can check to see how much xp it would take to increase a skill.

learn check <skill>

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