Help Topic: Lockpick

Category: Skills

Lockpicking is something of a minigame in that it is both dependant
on your lockpicking skill and on memorizing a series of jiggles that
work to unlock a lock.

Use the picklock command to start picking a lock. Once you've got the
lock picks inserted, you will have to experiment with jiggling them
in a pattern of directions. Listen for the clicks. The higher the
level of the lock, the longer the pattern until the lock opens. You
may 'stop' in order to take your instruments from the lock.

picklock <direction | item | lock>
jiggle < left | right | up | down >
ab <picklock | jiggle>

Note: If someone sees you picking a lock, they will likely alert the
authorities. Don't forget about the virtual non-player-character
populace when using this skill, and take proper precautions.

Another note: lockpicking abilities require the investment of Presence
points in a character to learn. A character will need to level up to
level 2 in Presence before you are able to use lockpicking abilities.

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