Help Topic: Logs

Category: Story

Roleplay logs will be automatically recorded for you, and you can look them up on the website
under your profile -- or you can check them in-game.

Usage for older logs:
logs title <current log title> = <new title>
logs view <log title>

Usage for current log:
log look (add a 'look' recording into the current log - normally the log will not record)
log title (title the current log that is running)
log note (add an on-the-spot note to the current log)
log view (optional "last" which will only show the last 7 lines, can also use alias 'lgl')

The 'lgl' command is really useful to see what just happened if you were reading help files or
looking around in the middle of roleplay, or if your connection dropped. To easily remember it,
you can use 'history' too. Remember it only shows what you saw.

When you title a log, it will be saved. Otherwise the log will be purged eventually.

Sometimes you might want a fresh log, for a specific planned event or any other reason.

log new <optional title>

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