Help Topic: Magic

Category: Skills

In the world of Avaria, magic is more commonplace than most might think, but most
people don't truly believe in it. They are grounded in reality, and this Grounding
gives them an innate level of resistence to magic.

For those who have begun to open their minds to the vast wilds of magical metaphysics,
that Grounding is gone. Their resistence to magic becomes weak, and the only way to
build it up again is to learn more about magic: knowledge of its scope and boundaries
will provide a basis from which to resist the magic of others.

Losing one's Grounded can be traumatic and is best undertaken under the kind guidance
of a mentor. In the absence of a mentor, an initiate to the magical world will no
doubt struggle greatly to understand the shift in reality that they have suddenly
become a party to.

There are several types of magic, but in terms of more advanced resistence, they can
be separated into two: mental and physical. Mental magics will use Will in addition
to Resonance, and their efficacy frequently turns out to be a contest of Wills.

Magic resistance may fluctuate slightly day-to-day, but certain effects may aid you
in improving it. You can check your current resistance with the MAGIC command.


Note: if you are still Grounded, or very recently Ungrounded, you will not get
much information.

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