Help Topic: Manipulate

Category: Actions -- This command takes balance and consciousness, and may have other physical in-character requirements.

[works with custom emote, or an adverb and/or parenthesis]

You can manipulate room objects with commands that indicate physical contact.

use, push, pull, touch, rub, hug, turn

It's mostly likely that nothing will really happen if your character does
any of these things to most objects. However, maybe something will! Try and

When used on other characters in the general vicinity, these commands will try
closer contact -- unless they are something that doesn't work with characters,
such as 'traverse'. You will be given time to emote your character's action, and
the other character's player will be given a chance to react mechanically.
Check out help effects for more information.

Please use the time delay to emote and have fun showing how your character
interacts with others in the shared narrative!

Note: If you wish to do an emote alongside a manipulation command, you can
replace the message with your own emote!

push wall emote goes over and directs a hard shove at the wall,
grumbling angrily.

Recommendations: Interact, Grapple, Tells

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