Help Topic: Massage

Category: Actions

Want to give someone a massage? You can always try.

It might not be a great massage, though, and be aware that a bad massage could
cause temporary stat debuffs to grace and finesse. An effective massage given
by someone with requisite First Aid skill, however, can grant temporary buffs
to those same stats.

massage <person>('s <bodypart>) (<gently | firmly>)

You can add 'gently' or 'firmly' for different types of massage attempts, though
this is optional. You can also specify a body part, which might be helpful. A
person being massaged will have to accept it for the attempt to go through, and
you will need to be close to them to do so.

You can also use essential oil items with massages, by adding WITH <oil> to the
end of the syntax.

massage Waraqa's nose firmly with tea-tree

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