Help Topic: Menu

Category: Items -- This command cannot be used in combat.

At some point in Avaria, you might find yourself in an inn, restaurant, or cafe. You might
see a menu, and want to look at it and order something. It's very simple and intuitive!

Depending on the establishment, your food might take some time to arrive. Enjoy a chat
with your companions meanwhile, or sit and brood with a dark glower in a shadowy corner,
looking foreboding and thinking deep moody thoughts. Up to you!

order <item/number>
order <item numbers separated by commas>
look menu / menu

order 11
order black tea
order black tea, cake
order 11, 5

If you are the owner of the establishment, there are other menu commands you can

menu add <item> as <name> for <price> under <section id>
menu remove <item>
menu addsection <section> as <section id>
(Ex: menu addsection Incredible Drinks to Quench Your Thirst! as drinks)
menu removesection <section id>

Note: To order things from a tailor's shop, read HELP CUSTOMIZE.

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