Help Topic: Mining

Category: Skills

Mining is a risky profession because of the chance one might deal with a
cave-in or a rockslide, but it can also be rather lucrative if you literally
strike gold.

Smiths, sculptors, and other crafters might find the products of mining to be
very useful, and pay a great deal for raw ores and minerals and high-quality

Veins of ore can be found in mineshafts underground, whereas limestone,
granite, and varieties of marble are most often found in quarries. To
forage for ore or other types of deposits, you can FIND ORE or FIND DEPOSIT
when in the right location. Not all underground areas have ores, and some
ores are rarer than others. If you have already found a vein or deposit, it
will need to be mined before you find anything else larger than a rock in
the area.

Mining a deposit will yield smaller pieces of raw material, while quarrying
as an ability is specific to stone and is meant to allow the extraction of
much larger whole blocks that could be sculpted into more statuesque works.

mine <vein | deposit>
quarry <stone>

For mining, you will need a pickaxe, and for quarrying, a set of quarrying
chisels and a good mallet. It is very useful to have friends while quarrying
as it can take some time to extract great pieces of stone.

If one has just quarried a particularly huge and heavy block of stone, it
would be impossible to lift for one person. Transport can be arranged if
you have the requisite amount of coinage and a shortage of helping friends
to transport the material on your own.

arrange transport for <stone>

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