Help Topic: Movement

Category: Navigation -- This command takes balance and consciousness, and may have other physical in-character requirements.

[works with parenthesis]

There are lots of ways to move. Sometimes you'll need to use a specific one.
The default is walking, but you can stroll or prance or skip or c. Some situations
will make you move in a certain way, but oftentimes you can choose. Some directions
will require certain sorts of movement, for instance, if you're going into deep
water you will need to swim. Going up a cliff face you'll need to climb. To go
straight off the edge of a wall you'd need to jump.

Usage: climb, swim, wade, jump, crawl, run, scramble -- etc

Using crawl will make you move at a delay. You can stand, sit, kneel, lie, or do
anything else similar in order to just stop crawling in a certain direction.

For climbing, you can add 'carefully' to your command in order to attempt climbing
more carefully. This will lower your difficulty for the climb but increase the
length of time it takes.

Some types of movement, if they are particularly dangerous, may require you to
append an exclamation mark.

You can add parenthesis to your usage of this verb to emote further during the

stroll north (whistling nonchalantly)

Recommendations: Go, Charge, Exits

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