Help Topic: Notes

Category: Character

The 'notes' command will show a variety of details about your character, giving a lengthy
survey of situations such as background, personality, plot notes, and character generation
comments. The information here is not accessible to other players, only to admins -- with
one exception: your public background.

notes view <situation>

You may get notes from ongoing plots around you. These will show up primarily in your inbox,
but for quick reference you can also view them this way. Plot notes are IC information.

plot notes
plot notes view <number>

You can send other player characters plot notes if you are living together or otherwise
sharing your lives closely. In order to establish this, one PC makes the offer of
cohabitation, and it may be accepted or declined.

If you cohabit with someone, you are also cohabiting with everyone else in the
habitation. Consider this an inner circle (though potentially without the implied trust).
It cannot exceed six people total.

If you are already part of a habitation and accept another offer of cohabitation, you
will leave your current habitation and join the new one instead -- the habitations
will not merge.

You can take up to three days to accept or decline an offer of cohabitation. A shared
habitation can be left at anytime, and you can check who you cohabit with via the

cohabit (with) <character>
accept cohabitation (with) <character>
decline cohabitation (with) <character>
leave cohabitation/habitation
send plot note (to) <character> <plot note text>

Lastly, you can leave a comment for staff. During character generation, this serves as an
extra way to notify staff of special things you might like for your concept that are not
included in the process. However, you can leave comments during regular play as well.

Something like, 'I really don't want to have to go through another combat scene' or 'I'm
bored, please make something happen to me!' or 'I'm especially interested in progressing
my story arc about the mutated mushrooms in the Greywood, and I'd like it if this arc
could give me some special mutated mushroom powers.'

You can seriously ask for anything you'd like. Staff are not obligated to look at your
comments or resolve them in any way, but it can be a nice communication tool with zero
anxiety involved, where you know that if someone looks at your comment they are actively
pursuing a way to enrich your experience.


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