Help Topic: Notify

Category: Communication

Use this command to send an OOC message that you are online and
available to play.

notify <person>

Remember that this command is OOC, so your character can't walk up
to someone else and be like, 'Hey! You beeped me?'

This is solely for use to notify others that you are online and
want to roleplay. Perhaps specifically with them, perhaps not! Perhaps
you notified the whole game, or only them!

There is no difference to the message they will see, and there is
no pressure to respond to anyone's paging of you. Don't abuse this
command by beeping people repetitively.

Lastly, we don't have a lot of OOC ways to communicate verbosely in
game because we prefer to maintain immersion in context. You can talk
to other players on the forum or in discord, and if you need help
specifically with something, ask the gamehelp channel.

You can also oocwhisper to someone, provided that they're at your
location, but be careful not to overuse this and break immersion!

oocwhisper <person> <message>

Aliases: page, beep

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