Help Topic: Open

Category: Actions

Some things have lids, and there are doors. You can open, close, and lock them.

In order to open and close something, just as a door or a chest or desk drawers, you
will need to use these intuitive commands: open, close, lock, unlock.

The thing you're trying to open or close might be locked. It'll need to be unlocked
to open. This usually works with the requisite key.

unlock <door / object>
lock <door / object>
open <door / object>
close <door / object>

To open and close windows, you use the same commands, but there are two types of
covering on a window. One will obscure sight and the other will obscure sound. You
will close or open whichever is accessed first, depending on the window.

Example: You will need to open curtains before propping over a glass window pane.
You can close the curtains after first, though.

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