Help Topic: Pemit

Category: Roleplay

Private emits can be sent to you by staff members, and usually
contain information that only you would see. When you see them,
they will start with 'You notice:' and be colored bright yellow.

However, once you have developed a relationship with another
character, you can use the pemit command with them specifically.
It will be tagged with your name, and you can use it to relay
information that only they would know due to the manner of
the relationship.

An example would be:

Aleph is lounging on the riverbank when a guard happens by. The
guard gets angry that a chimera is -loitering- by the river,
but then Donna comes along. Maybe Donna and Aleph know each other
fairly well, having had many an argument at the inn.

Aleph may emote something like:
>> emote's multiple eyebrows quiver and all its eyes blaze violet.

The guard might not understand what this means, but Donna might.
So Aleph could also add:

>> pemit Donna You might recognize the blaze of violet from times
where Aleph has been so offended that an argument has nearly come
to blows.

This is just an example of how pemit might be used. Please do not
use it to try and inject specific reactions or feelings into other
characters. The following, for instance, would be bad.

>> pemit Donna You are filled with a horrific sense of fear! That
blaze of violet can only be seen when Aleph is about to explode
in rage! You're about to pee your bloomers.

Please also do not use pemits to convey information that others
could see or recognize. Something like this is acceptable.

The guard turns his back on Aleph for a moment to wave hello to
the innkeeper.
>> pemit Donna While the guard's back is turned, Aleph sticks
both its tongues out at the guard's head in Donna's plain sight.

But this is less acceptable:

The guard stares at Aleph angrily. "Don't loiter!" he yells.
>> pemit Donna One of Aleph's heads makes a face at the guard
while the other distracts him with an innocent look.

So, just as usual, emote responsibly!

You can only use the pemit command with someone if there are
mutually at least three impressions in your relationship.

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