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From the common rooms of taverns to venerated ampitheatres, performers
make their living across the land. There are singers, dancers, and players
of all kinds of instruments. A show can be a way to bring people together,
or it can be a way to earn a living, or advance in a performer's guild, or
to gain local fame. Throughout history, the cultural impact of popular
performances have even swayed world politics.

Performing skills in Avaria include: vocals, dancing, wind instruments,
percussion instruments, stringed instruments, and keyboard instruments.

Other skills may also be useful in performances: dissembling, if any
acting is necessary. Acrobatics, if the performance includes any daring
feats of physical capability, such as leaping between objects on stage,
and... dodge, if you anticipate that your audience may throw cabbages.

Those who have learned any of the requisite performing skills can use
the following abilities:

While performers can of course act on whim and spin up shows off-the-cuff,
many have also developed a repertoire of specific performances that their
audience may know them by.


This ability will allow you to define a performance for yourself, so
that you may perform it on stage in the future. The quality of the
performance will be defined by the skill that you select as its 'type'.
The performance will be known among area locals by its 'title'. Every
'motion' you add will be another step of the performance, but if you
'review' the planned performance and don't like it, you can clear
previously added motions. When you are done, you 'finish' the
planned performance and it will be added to your repertoire.

plan performance new
plan performance title A Sad Ballerina
plan performance type dancing
plan performance clear last motion
plan performance clear
plan performance add motion emote flounces across the floor, wearing a<tell>n obviously fake</tell> pout. Flinging out both arms, she launches into a slow pirouette.
plan performance review
plan performance finish

Once you have a performance, you can rehearse it. This takes less time
than performing, and comes with no potential of public embarrassment, as
the performance will not be taken as a serious metric of your abilities.
Upon the completion of your rehearsal, you will have an idea of how well
you performed. You will be able to have a better idea of how you did if
there is an audience around (you are in public). You can stop rehearsing
at any time.

rehearse <performance title>

This will cause you to launch into a performance. If you are in a public
place, locals will notice, and word will spread to the local theater
association, if there is one. Your fame will be bolstered by the quality
of your performance (or damaged by its lack of quality).

perform <performance title>

Perhaps you have a performance in your repertoire that you would like
to allow other performers in the locale to try (with great credit and
fame to you in the process). In order to do this, you can attempt to
publicize a performance in your repertoire that you have performed in
public at least three times. (Note: this will submit the performance
to staff to review for thematic elements, as it will be added to the
repertoire of local NPCs.) Sometimes, the populace will just not catch
onto a publicized performance, and that comes at no cost to you.

Otherwise, every time your publicized performance is performed, you
will grow in acclaim among the local theater folk.


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