Help Topic: Prompt

Category: Gameplay

The prompt is the indicator that pops up between messages while you play. It can be
used to carry important information, such as an indication of whether or not you have
balance to move, or the general state of your health.

Entirely customizable by you, the prompt is an optional part of gameplay. It can be
very helpful, but if you don't like seeing it, you don't have to. There are different
prompts you can customize for inside and outside combat. (Read help config for more
information on customizing your experience).

config peace prompt = <prompt>
config combat prompt = <prompt>

When configuring your prompt, these are the markers you can use:

balance_mark: will show an indicator of your balance
general_shape: will give a statement on your general shape
h_stars: will show a bar that indicates your general health
h_percent: will show your general health as a numerical percentage
will_stars: will show a bar that indicates your general mental health
will_percent: will show your general mental health as a numerical percentage
end_stars: will show a bar that indicates your general level of energy
end_percent: will show your general energy as a numerical percentage
language: will show the current language you're speaking
position: will show your position, such as sitting or standing or leaning
place: will show your location in the room
alerts: will show alerts, such as if you're suffocating or losing blood
|/: new line (you can add these symbols before or after your prompt too)

Here's an example prompt you can set:
> config peace prompt = You are feeling h_percent, position (place),
speaking language balance_mark alerts

Further, you may wish to group messages that come at the same time, and only
see the prompt after a group of them.

config prompt messagegroup
prompt |/|/HP:h_percent END:end_percent WILL:will_percent balance_mark|/

Note: using the 'prompt' command will set your combat prompt to the argument
list, and change your prompt setting to always show the combat prompt.

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