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Category: Combat -- This command takes balance and consciousness, and may have other physical in-character requirements.

[works with custom emote]

There are a variety of ranged abilities you can use in Song of Avaria, likely
the most common of which is archery. Depending on the ability, you may need
ammunition -- rocks for a slingshot, or bolts for a crossbow, et cetera.

Some weapons will need an extra command to load them, such as a crossbow or
certain siege weapons. But for most ranged abilities, such as shooting a
longbow, the time it takes to nock an arrow is included in the round time.

For a longbow, you should be holding the longbow and have an arrow in the area
or in your inventory or in a quiver. You can shoot someone in the same
room, from a distance, or shoot someone from adjacent line of sight up to
three rooms away. You cannot shoot someone who is right next to you, as that
is melee range.

aim <target> (emote <emote>)
shoot <target> (in the <body part>) (emote <emote>)

Adding emotes and specifying a body part is optional.

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