Help Topic: Rankings

Category: Actions -- This command cannot be used in combat.

[most options work with custom emote]

Wherever there are a group of virtual non-player-characters enjoying
a hobby, they are likely keeping track of rankings in such a manner
that someone could make a name for themselves if they wished.

When you encounter a group of such people, check 'rankings' to hear
about who has made a name for themselves so far.

As an example, you might find a group of brawlers in Keely's Saloon.
At the fighting pit, you might see brawlers stepping out and making
challenges. You can accept a challenge, or make your own challenge.

You can also bet on ongoing fights.

accept challenge
make challenge
challenge <person>
make bet on <fighter> with <amount>
make my alias <the alias you'd like to compete with>

You can use a custom emote when making or accepting a challenge by
adding the 'emote' argument and your emote. You will need to go to
the challenge grounds to do so.

Challenging a particular person will call them out, but it will not
require them to answer the challenge. Anyone can answer any challenge
in the ring. If nobody accepts a challenge in time, an NPC will end
up accepting it. NPCs will also periodically venture challenges if
nobody is using the ring.

Note: Challenging a particular person can also have impacts on your
reputation if you challenge someone who is weak, beaten up, or
you are otherwise being a bully -- and vice versa.

accept challenge emote after a sharp nod, /me calls out, "I will
take that challenge!"

Groups of fishers or hunters will likely only know about your trophy
if you show it off to others in that locale. You can do this in any
public area: word will get back to those avid practitioners of the

show (off) <trophy catch>

Scholars or theatric types should find that any work they conduct
in the library or upon the stage has been noticed by others who work
at that place as well. Publishing an article or performing in a
theater production can grant fame in the according circles.

In these ways, reputation can be gained and affection won -- or lost.
Special abilities can also be unlocked for climbing the ranks in
certain locales, as well as respect from vNPCs.

Note: While in most towns and cities, fighting is frowned upon by
the local guards, it is legal to conduct formal challenges upon
challenge grounds. These fights are not expected to end in death.

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