Help Topic: Recognize

Category: Roleplay

Although other characters will show up to you initially with a SDESC
or a 'short description' that will display them as something like
"a brown-haired woman", you will be able to RECOGNIZE them as anything
you'd like.

You could recognize the brown-haired woman as "Annoying Meanie" if you
want, or as "Jilly" if that's how she introduces herself and that's how
you'd prefer to recognize her in the future. Perhaps she'd introduce
herself as "Gorta" even though her name isn't actually Gorta. Maybe it's
Gortalla, which she hates? Either way, you can recognize her as Gorta
if you please.

recognize <sdesc> as <alias>
forget <alias>

RECOG works as an alias for these commands.

recog tall man as Griatch
forget griatch

This will assign a personal alias for a person, or forget said alias.
Using the command without arguments will list all current recognized

Note: If a person (Gorta, from earlier) changes their persona in some
way, such as donning a guise, then you will not automatically recognize
them as the recorded alias anymore. You will only recognize a person for
the persona they were displaying at the time. So, if you later come
across 'a brown-haired man' who introduces himself as 'Gort'... it may
be quite possible that this man is actually Gorta, just with a changed

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