Help Topic: Relationships

Category: Story

While you can certainly advance your story completely on your own, it helps to have friends.
Or enemies, or rivals, or whoever else! The people you meet along the way are just as important
as the things that you do.

Your perspective and opinions on these people may evolve as the story goes on. You can track
your relationships through the 'relationship' command, or by looking at your profile on the

relationship <person's name>
relationship <person's name> type <new type text>
relationship <person's name> impression <new impression text>

So, for example, Aleph meets Donna at the Seaglass Inn. This is the first time they meet.

Aleph may input...
>> relationship Donna type Arch-Nemesis
>> relationship Donna impression I hate her. She won't sell me seven hundred loaves of bread!

Then later, after some future events, Aleph may want to edit its relationship with Donna.
>> relationship Donna impression I hate her even more. She sided against me with a dumb guard!

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