Help Topic: Rent

Category: Character

To rent lodging, find an inn or tenement building or a place with a ledger and a
clerk that rents lodging. You can tell if a place has lodgings to be rented with
the SURVEY command.

(without arguments, 'rent' will show the status of anything that can be rented)
rent place
(try to rent a place at the lodging)
rent pay
(pay your rent)
rent checkout
(turn in the key to a place)

When you want to add a roommate to your lodgings, you can go to the lodging rental
location with your prospective roommate and use the ROOMMATE command to grant them
a key and potential rent-paying privileges. You can similarly remove them to
effectively change the lock so their key doesn't work and they cannot pay rent
on your lodging anymore. They do not need to be present for you to remove them.

roommate add <person>
roommate remove <person>

Note: Being roommates does not automatically imply cohabitation, that would need
to be agreed to separately, as it's possible that a lodging might be used as a
temporary safehouse or something like that.

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