Help Topic: Research

Category: Skills

If a person is at least somewhat versed in literacy (Education) and
understands the basics of deduction (Investigation), then they might
be able to go to a library and do some research on a topic of their

In order to do new research, one must be in a library and try to
RESEARCH the topics they're interested in. Sometimes it might take a long
time for them to achieve results from their research, and other times
it might take only a few days. After finding some new information,
someone can publish their findings at the library or university, to
potential acclaim from other scholars. These locally-published works
can be found very quickly, and scholars might even make you copies
of them for a small fee.

Others can review all published research in a library or university by
reviewing the topics they're interested in.

review <keyword>
review <keyword1, keyword2>
research <keyword>
research <keyword1, keyword2>
publish <article> as <title> with <keywords>

Example: Let's say you want to learn more about stoneweep and its role
in Ancient Raziya.

You can go to a library and REVIEW STONEWEEP, ANCIENT RAZIYA. But maybe
there is only one article published with that combination of keywords,
and you want to learn more. RESEARCH STONEWEEP, ANCIENT RAZIYA will start
you on the journey. It's possible that there are unpublished articles
with those keywords already available, and if so, you will be able to
find them first -- and depending on your roll, you may find them within
the day or within up to four days. But if there are no unpublished
articles, it becomes a request for staff to write one, and a much more
monumental feat of research for you; one that may take quite a long
time. You can only research one article at a time in any given library,
so you'll need to be careful with your resources of time and energy.

Other scholars in an area will likely know a fair deal about regular
local researchers, and might be asked about RANKINGS. If a person wishes
to publish at a library or university under a specific name, they will
need to inform the local scholars. Without any alias whatsoever, all of
a person's published works will be attributed to an unknown author.

make my alias <penname>

At a library, anyone can request a copy of a specific work of research
if they know its title. It will cost a silver coin (or a hundred copper).

request copy (of) <title>

When doing research, you can also set a narrative for yourself, and also
check on your research status at the library.

research narrative <narrative>
research narrative clear
research status

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