Help Topic: Ride

Category: Actions

If you have tamed an animal and trained it to permit a rider, or bought an
animal trained for riding, you can ride it. If the animal is too small and
you are too large, however, it may not be able to carry you.

mount <animal>
ride <direction>
gallop/canter/amble/trot <direction>
ford <direction>
steer <direction>

While riding, the animal will continue moving forward. You can steer it in
specific directions, or rein it in, or spur it to go faster. Using 'halt'
will rein the animal to a stop. Using 'gallop' from the start will have
the animal moving initially at top speed rather than needing to be urged
gradually to move faster.

This essentially works the same way that a person carrying another person
works, only the animal is carrying you on its back. An animal could get
injured and fall, and you could fall off. The animal might get too tired
and collapse, and you could fall off then. The animal might buck you if
they have a particularly feisty personality or if you're riding an animal
that doesn't belong to you.

There is one additional caveat: you can fall off while riding if you're
not a good enough rider.

Fording will encourage your animal to swim in the specified direction. Be
careful because maybe that means both you and your partner friend mount
will die!

Note: you can pack an animal you own with gear by simply putting objects
on them. If you want to feed an animal something, just try to give it to
them. They will eat it if they want.

put <pack | saddle | halter> on <animal>
give <thing> to <animal>

You can also lead or loose an animal, making them come with you wherever
you go (as long as they are capable) or release them. Depending on your
animal ken skill, you can lead a greater number of animals at a time.

lead <animal>
loose <led animal>

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