Help Topic: Roll

Category: Gameplay -- There are no limitations on this command.

You can roll dice for stats and skills. This is not meant to be a stand-in for
mechanical conflict resolution, but just a fun tool that people can use or
disregard at will.

Dice rolls can be used when you're not sure what your character would do, and
you want to leave it up to chance. One example might be if something very
frightening occurs, and you want to decide whether your character manages to be
brave, so you roll the will stat.

A storyrunner may also request a dice roll from you when it comes to event
activities, to see how well your character performs at a specific task that
is not mechanically coded.

roll <stat> [+ <skill> [at <difficulty/person's stat [+ <skill>]>]]

Adding an exclamation point after the difficulty will broadcast the roll to the room.

roll strength
roll strength + unarmed
roll strength + unarmed at hard
roll strength + unarmed at hard!
roll strength + unarmed at Aleph's endurance
roll strength + unarmed at Aleph's grace and dodge

You can roll dice at easy, medium, and hard. There's a fourth option -- legendary -- for
things that might be humanly possible, but incredibly improbable to manage.

The roll takes the average of 3 randomly-generated numbers in a range from your stat value
to your stat value times 10. Skill points are weighted similarly. It's essentially a 1D10
die for every point.

Here are the thresholds of difficulty for rolling only a stat:

Easy: 5
Medium: 10
Hard: 20
Legendary: 80

And here are the thresholds for rolling a stat and a skill together:

Easy: 15
Medium: 25
Hard: 45
Legendary: 110

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