Help Topic: Rumors

Category: World

VNPCs, or Virtual Non-Player-Characters, are active in the gameworld and should
be considered in roleplay. One way that the active public population can impact
you is by rumors.

Activity undertaken unsubtly in public rooms might be noticed by the populace
and repeated. Others might inquire of the active populace as to your past doings
and you might want to eavesdrop regarding general gossip.

Note: all roleplayed activity using emote, tmote, and hmote commands are not
automatically noticed by the populace. If you want it to be noticed, use the
rumote command to send your emote. This will appear to the room like a completely
normal emote, but VNPCs will have noticed it and might talk about it to others.

rumote (use as regular emote)
rumors / gossip
eavesdrop/inquire about <other character or topic>

The difference between eavesdropping and inquiry is that inquiry will use your
command or magnetism stat and your street smarts skill, while eavesdropping will
use your acuity or intuition stat and your investigation skill. Inquiring about
someone in specific may cause the VNPCs to repeat to others that you were asking
about them, as well.

You can inquire about activity up to 30 days ago, where today is activity today
and 20 would be activity 20 days ago.

inquire/eavesdrop about < today | 1 - 30 > days ago
inquire/eavesdrop about <character>, < today | 1 - 30 days ago>

System messages and rumotes done within view of VNPCs are a potential topic of future
gossip. Further, you can seed particular statements so that they might be repeated
throughout the zone rather than simply in the location you made them. Of course,
it will be obvious that you are the one who seeded that statement.

seed <content of rumor>
seed rumor (to confirm)

Lastly, you can ask around about a certain person's reputation, and see what your
own reputation might sound like to someone else in the area with the 'rumors about
me' command.

inquire/eavesdrop about reputation of <character>
rumors about me

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