Help Topic: Say

Category: Roleplay -- You must be alive to use this command.

Use 'say' to speak.

say <message>
say (with a smile) <message>
say to <person/direction> (with a smile) <message>

Other commands that work in lieu of say include: admit, affirm, allege, announce, answer,
ask, assert, babble, bark, beg, blurt, brag, chirp, claim, complain, concede, confide, confirm,
declare, drone, exhort, explain, gripe, groan, grouse, growl, interject, interrupt, muse,
plead, proclaim, pronounce, ramble, relate, remark, slur, snarl, spill, stammer,
stage-whisper, stutter, suggest, utter, venture, whine, wonder

This is very customizable syntactically but can also be very simple. Here
is an example:

>>say to Donna (in a cacophany of anger) i ordered bread, not cake! :(
In a cacophany of anger, you exclaim to Donna with a frown, "I ordered bread, not cake!"

Or just:

>>complain i ordered bread, not cake
You complain, "I ordered bread, not cake."

>> say to donna didn't I order bread?
You ask Donna, "Didn't I order bread?"

When you speak to a direction, the people on the other side will hear your voice.

>> say to kitchen don't forget the bread!
(in your room) | You say towards the east, "Don't forget the bread!"
(in the kitchen) | A nasally countertenor says from the west, "Don't forget the bread!"

Here are the list of supported smileys:
:) -- with a smile
:( -- with a frown
;) -- with a wink
:') -- through happy tears
:'( -- through tears
:D -- with a laugh
XD -- gleefully
D: -- with great horror
:C -- grievously
:| -- flatly
:O -- with great surprise
:o -- with amused surprise
:P -- rather cheekily

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