Help Topic: Scent

Category: Character -- You must be alive to use this command.

Since the description of scents is a part of the immersive experience
of Avaria, you can set a personal scent that people might notice if they
smell you. This is not to be confused with perfumes and soaps, which can be
applied as well, but if every day behind the scenes your character bathes
with a specific soap then it's fairly reasonable to set a personal scent
about it without actually taking a bath on screen all the time.

Usage: personalscent <description>

Format the description along with these examples:

noxious, sulfuric fumes
pleasant smoky pinecones
milky muskiness
a refined manly cologne
eucalyptus and lemongrass
fresh sharp mint
a field of flowers

It will show up in a format like this:

The scent of <description> lingers here.

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