Help Topic: Shout

Category: Actions -- This command takes balance and consciousness, and may have other physical in-character requirements.

There is a command to shout. Shouts will be heard at a distance
around you determined by a roll of voice stat and acrobatic skill,
regarding lung capacity for volume rather than vocal talent.

shout <message>
shout <adverb> (<action description>) <message>

Other verbs to use other than shout: scream, shriek, howl,
alarm, yell, bellow

Those who hear a shout from a distance will not see the action
or the shouter's appearance, but they will get a description of
the shouter's voice.

You can also use "whistle" which will similarly be heard in the
vicinity, but with the sound of a piercing yet generic whistle.

You can use adverbs and parenthesis but no smileys in shouts.

If you choose to use SHOUTMOTE (or SMOTE), you can broadcast an
audible emote through the area up to a few adjacent rooms away.
This will not necessary use your name or your voice, but it will
broadcast your location.

shoutmote <emote>

shoutmote A sudden loud clattering occurs.

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