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Category: Character -- There are no limitations on this command.

Skills in Song of Avaria are realms of knowledge that you have learned
throughout your life, rather than stats, which are the attributes you
were born with.

You are, however, born with certain innate skills. These are ones that
you have a particular aptitude in learning, and can learn beyond the
bounds that most others can. Innate skills cost less experience to
learn, and can be learned past level ten.

When you learn skills, you will also be gaining abilities that reside
under the banner of those skills. Sometimes these are passive abilities,
and other times, they will be special actions that you can perform
which those without the ability cannot even hope to attempt.

You will also grow better at successfully managing common abilities
that anyone may attempt, but which rely on certain skills.

Here is the metric for skill levels:

1 - rough, loose, or hazy beginning knowledge
2 - somewhat more specific, amateur knowledge
3 - could be regarded as decently skilled by a layperson
4 - adept, but not good
5 - could be regarded as decently skilled by anyone
6 - good
7 - something of an expert
8 - a true expert
9 - highly accomplished in a field
10 - a master at a craft
10+ - legendary

You can check your skills with the SKILLS command.

skills all

With the 'all' argument, this command will show all possible skills as
well as the ones your character already has. Innate skills will be
highlighted in the list.

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