Help Topic: Socials

Category: Roleplay

Social emotes are pre-written emotes that can be targeted and used
with adverbs, or directed at yourself for special messaging.

Usage example:
nod >> Aleph nods.
nod me >> Aleph gives an emphatic nod!
nod donna >> Aleph nods at Donna.
nod knowingly >> Aleph nods knowingly.
nod donna knowingly >> Aleph nods knowingly to Donna.

To get more information on any of the socials in this list, you can
check: SOCIALS <social>. Checking SOCIALS by itself will display a
list of possibles.

The list includes, among others:
ahem, beam, beckon, blush, chortle, chuckle, cough, edge, fold, furrow,
grimace, grin, grouch, grunt, laugh, nod, no, ponder, raise, salute,
scowl, shift, shiver, shudder, sidle, sigh, smirk, snicker, soso, stare,
wave, wince, wobble

Some socials require contact, including, among others:
pet, lean, pat, poke, tap, bounce

And some require both contact and consent, including, among others:
hug, kiss

There are some unlisted socials and some with strange behavior.

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