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Attributes or stats are the core elements of a character's personality and ability. There are four classes of attributes: physical, mental, social, and ineffable.

Physical attributes include strength, endurance, constitution, grace, finesse, and voice.

Strength -- Sheer muscle power, helpful for effectiveness in combat and for any kind of difficult physical labor. Strength governs the damage of physical attacks and how much weight someone can lift.
Endurance -- The ability to sustain intense or prolonged physical activity. Endurance governs the capacity to withstand physical attacks and how long someone can exert themselves physically without growing fatigued.
Constitution Physical hardiness. Endurance governs the capacity to withstand trials such as poison, illness, extreme climates, lack of sleep, and the effects of drugs and alcohol.
Grace -- Smoothness and speed of motion and sense of balance. Grace governs success in actions requiring overall physical coordination, including climbing, dancing, stealth, and making and dodging attacks.
Finesse -- Physical accuracy and manual dexterity. Finesse governs success in tasks demanding precision and fine motor skills, including lockpicking, aiming ranged weapons, playing instruments, and a variety of craft skills.
Voice -- Power and compelling quality of the voice. Voice primarily affects skill in singing, acting, and various kinds of magic that rely heavily on song or chant.

Mental attributes include logic, intuition, and acuity.

Logic -- A person's inclination and capacity for methodical, analytical thought. Logic reflects the ability to process information thoroughly and accurately, often in a step-by-step manner. It and intuition both affect success in intellectual activities such as research, medicine, and certain practices of magic.
Intuition -- A person's inclination to obtain knowledge and process information in a way that bridges conscious and subconscious thought, often emerging in flashes or insight or leaps of understanding. Like logic, it affects success in various intellectual endeavors.
Acuity -- Keenness of perception or environmental awareness. Acuity reflects not just sharpness of a character's senses but an innate tendency to notice small details and be aware of their surroundings, and affects success in such activities as tracking, detecting hidden people or objects, discerning subtle properties of objects, or seeing things at a distance.

Social attributes include command, composure, and magnetism.

Command -- A certain presence and air of authority that inclines others to listen to a person and obey them.
Composure -- The ability to control outward displays of emotion. Composure reflects a character's capacity to suppress their temper and keep emotions off their face and out of their actions, and also affects success in dissembling and acting.
Magnetism -- Attractiveness to others and an alluring force of personality.

Ineffable attributes include will, luck, and resonance.

Will -- Determination, stubbornness, and overall strength of mind. Will affects the capacity to withstand both physical and mental hardships, such as the effects of serious injury or torture, and also governs success in mental magic.
Luck -- A natural tendency for things to fall out in your favour. Luck can mean the difference between a shipwrecking storm or clear skies while at sea, or walking unmolested through a seedy part of the city rather than being accosted by criminals.
Resonance -- The degree to which one is attuned to the realm of magic and the fabric of unseen reality. Resonance reflects a character's capacity to perform or detect magic, as well as to commune with spirits or divine the future.

Attributes in Song of Avaria are capped at a maximum of ten points and follow the scale of:

1 -- abnormally weak

2 -- somewhat weak

3 -- dead average

4 -- somewhat above average

5 -- noticeably good

6 -- very good

7 -- excellent

8 -- outstanding

9 -- extraordinary

10 -- almost incredible

Every year on their character's birthday the player will get a chance to shift a stat point to different attribute. Stat points will not rise with experience; those defined in character generation are all the stat points your character will get. The shifting of a point marks character development according to ongoing narrative, but it is up to the player whether to adjust stats and how.

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