Help Topic: Stealth

Category: Actions

To hide, you need to be sure nobody is watching you. It's easier to become hidden
in dark places, cluttered places, private places, and certain environments. If
someone is watching you specifically with the 'watch' command, you will have an
extremely difficult time hiding or sneaking away.

Once you are hidden, you can sneak around. Certain locations, such as very bright
rooms or flat and clear environments will be more difficult to sneak into or out

Every action you take while hidden can potentially reveal your location to anyone
who might be watching. Sometimes you will be able to tell if people notice, but
with other player characters, if they have high composure they may be able to
mask their reaction well enough that although they have noticed you, you will not
know that they have noticed you.


In order to move while stealthed, you should use a stealthy movement verb, such
as "stalk", "sneak", "creep", "prowl", or "skulk". Be warned that if patrolling
guards catch you skulking about, they may be rightly suspicious.

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