Help Topic: Swim

Category: Navigation -- This command takes balance and consciousness, and may have other physical in-character requirements.

Swimming in Avaria isn't very complicated. You have a swimming skill,
and your capacity to traverse water too deep to wade is based on that.

swim <direction>

When the weather is particularly stormy, swimming will be more difficult.
If you start to drown, you can just enter 'swim' by itself to try again.

Being underwater, if you can't breath underwater, will begin to use up
your breath. You'll need to resurface in order to breathe again, and
catch your breath. If you run out of breath you will pass out and drown.

swim / resurface

Of course, there are some skills you will only be able to do underwater.
In order to have a slightly longer time to stay underwater, you can try
to hold your breath.

hold breath

In order to go deeper underwater in very deep water, you can try to swim
down or swim up to rise higher.

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