Help Topic: Talk

Category: Roleplay

Tabletalking, or sitting at a table or some other vicinity of the
room, is an important function in many ways.

You do this by being in a vicinity (the "general area" of a room
also qualifies as its own vicinity) and using the talk commands.

Usage for just speech:
talk <text>
grumble / mutter / murmur / mumble <text>
tt <text>

This works in the same manner as the 'say' command, allowing you
to use adverbs and certain smileys.

Usage for emoting:
tmote <text>
tt: <text>
talk: <text>

This works the same as an emote command in terms of targeting.
People who are at your same table (or other sort of location, such
as beneath a tree) will be able to see what you are saying and
doing with no difficulty.

Others will be able to see what actions you are taking, but they
will only be able to hear some of your words, not all of them. Also,
to help deal with spam in crowded areas, your communication will be
rendered to them in dark gray.

(If there is an option like this for screenreaders we have to add it.)

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