Help Topic: Throw

Category: Combat

Sometimes you might like to throw something at someone. If you're intending
to throw TO someone, you'll have to specify that, or use the 'toss' command
from in the same room.

If the thing you are throwing has the potential to cause serious harm, you
may need to aim first, and this will begin combat. Otherwise you can throw
light, non-weapon items just for fun. These may still cause harm, but just
some small bruises.

throw <object> (will go nowhere)
throw <object> at/to <person>
throw <object> to <direction> at/to <person>

Note: You will need to be holding whatever object you throw, and you can only
throw from one room away -- not along your whole line of sight like shooting.

If you throw something that is particularly breakable, it may break. If you
throw something to someone in an adjacent room, it will just land near them.

Note: if you want to throw dice, it's best to use the toss command. Otherwise
you are just going to actually throw the dice.

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