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Category: World -- You must be alive to use this command.

Chronological pacing in Song of Avaria progresses at a 1:1 ratio with
real world time, corresponding with the EST time zone in real life.

To display the current local day and time in a manner that your character
would understand it, you can check TIME. To translate a real-world day or
hour of the day to its Avarian counterpart, or vice versa, try the LOOKUP
or CONVERT command.

The Avarian year starts in April, so the numbers of the month are offset
as well. Similarly, the number of the year is offset due to the years being
counted since the 'New Dawn'. Month names are different across cultures.

Days of the week have different names in Avaria, and these also slightly
differ between Sirdabi-oriented cultures and more Kalentoi-oriented cultures.

Since clocks are not commonplace in Avaria, most people tell time by the
position of the sun. This means that the "hours" of the day tend to be at
different times depending on the seasons. The hour of the jackal in Sirdabi
vernacular is at sunset, for example, so in the Winter this is at 5:30 PM,
while in the Summer it is at 8:00 PM. These times do not vary as much as the
sunset times in some zones in the real world, but they can be noticeably
different, so it's something to take into consideration. Some of the hours
are more static, such as the hours of midday or midnight.

lookup/convert 1PM
lookup/convert 18
lookup/convert Ilvius
lookup/convert jackal
lookup/convert Monday
lookup/convert September

If you look up a full date, such as 4/24/2023 -- the command will require an
additional argument at the end, either REAL or AVARIA.

lookup 4/24/2023 avaria

This would give you the Avarian date for the real life date of 4/24/2023. If
you checked "lookup 6/16/753 real" then you would get the real life date for
the Avarian date of 6/16/753.

While the lookup command is easily usable, here are some comprehensive tables
to give an overview of month names and numbers.


Real Sirdabi Kalentoi
April Pavana Laeca
May Ashbat Reneca
June Jinniyah Abito
July Jirguz Sylla
August Lemnis Vedrix
September Azara Vel
October Kholabi Sollemnis
November Oniris Atronia
December Darshali Ilvius
January Alkhila Hostus
February Nimrus Viducia
March Rashani Mar


Real Sirdabi Kalentoi
1 - Monday Celeiri's Day Celeday
2 - Tuesday Niota's Day Niday
3 - Wednesday Salesh's Day Salsday
4 - Thursday Maysa's Day Mayday
5 - Friday Nuru's Day Newday
6 - Saturday Nthanda's Day Nathansday
7 - Sunday Alharat's Day Allday

(Note: the range of time is not the entire time that the hour lasts - it is the
range of time in which the hour might start, depending on the season. The lore hour
lasts until the next lore hour starts, which may or may not be equivalent to a real
hour of sixty minutes.)

Real Range of Times Sirdabi Kalentoi
Dawn (4:00 - 6:00) promise promise
Sunrise (5:30 - 7:30) phoenix phoenix
Early Morning (6:00 - 8:00) birdsong birdsong
Midmorning (9:00) ox ox
Late Morning (11:00) camel sail
Midday (12:00) scales daysong
Early Afternoon (13:00) vine vine
Midafternoon (14:00) rukh dolphin
Late Afternoon (16:00 - 19:00) thirst wavesong
Sunset (17:30 - 20:00) jackal pyre
Dusk (18:00 - 21:00) respite dove
Evening (19:00 - 22:00) scorpion evensong
Night (23:00) flame flame
Midnight (24:00) owl ashes
Deep Night (1:00) starfall vigils

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