Help Topic: Tinker

Category: Skills

While a practiced crafter can repair broken items that fall within the
purview of his or her crafting expertise, a tinker is a jack-of-all-trades
in the sense that one can fix anything or attempt to salvage materials
from any type of object!

Simply tinkering with something will help you understand it more, and
particularly view the types of damage it has sustained. With this, a tinker
can be something of a detective in terms of understanding what may have
happened to a broken object.

tinker (with) <object>

To attempt to recover materials from an object, you can salvage it. Note that
scrap from an object is often not nearly as good as the materials that go
into crafting.

salvage <object>

Lastly, if you want to fix an object, you will need some scrap materials (such
as the sort that you get from salvaging other objects).

fix <object>

Be warned that it can be rather difficult to entirely fix a broken thing, and
it's likely that while you will increase its durability, you will not be able
to make it perfect again -- unless you manage to do a really critically great
job with the fixing!

Note: a tinker can't fix much about broken arrows, but nobody can. Arrows
with broken shafts generally just need to be remade, or they won't be strong
enough to shoot properly.

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