Help Topic: Tracks

Category: Actions

Moving around in the world will often leave tracks behind, and
someone with high outdoorsmanship skill might be able to understand
a great deal from your tracks.

If you don't have outdoorsmanship skill at all, you may not be able
to find any tracks whatsoever.

A highly skilled tracker who is highly familiar with another being
may be able to recognize their tracks as theirs.

Tracks wear away gradually, but if there is no rain or other
environmental precipitation, can be anticipated to stick around
over a few days.

It's more difficult to find tracks in certain environments, and
it is also possible to sweep tracks in the area, which makes a
trail even more difficult to find.

In order to get more details about a certain set of tracks,
use the number before it.

track <number>
sweep tracks

You can only sweep the tracks directly behind you.

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