Help Topic: Wash

Category: Actions

Muddy roads, rainfall, and blood spatter are a part of life in Avaria. You'll probably
get dirty at some point, and want to clean up.

If you're just wet, you can dry yourself off with a dry cloth or towel. If you're dirty,
you can use any water source to clean yourself or wash your clothes.

Frequently, it's just your footwear that will get messy from walking through messes. You
can usually clean that up by stamping your boots or shoes.

wash <object> (the default is that you clean yourself, including all your objects)
dry <object> (again, the default is that you dry yourself off)
stomp (no argument necessary, it will clean off whatever outerwear is on your feet)

If you have soap, you can try to clean <object> <with soap>. This could give things
an appealing smell, but it's not necessary.

If you're trying to swab a deck, you can use the command 'swab deck' if you have
just a mop.

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