Help Topic: Weaponry

Category: Combat

Each weapon comes with its own style, drawbacks, abilities, and general
intricacies. A heavier weapon will generally be more slow. A lighter weapon
will be quicker and allow you to riposte, but perhaps fail to deal the intense
damage that a two-handed battleaxe may regularly be capable of inflicting.

You can study all weapons that you're holding in order to get a fairly good
understanding of their physical traits, but you will need to learn how to use
a weapon to truly comprehend its abilities.

study weapons

When you learn the skill for a weapon, you will gradually gain abilities
that unlock moves you can use in combat. Some moves will be passive, some will
be wind-up moves in order to prepare for other moves, and some will be very
powerful combat-finishers.

In general, most weaponry abilities are the sort that would make sense in a
realistic way, and not a magical way. You can feel relatively confident that
things should work the way that they are supposed to work. If they don't, please
ask on GameHelp or submit a request (or bug, if that's applicable).

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