Help Topic: Weather

Category: World

Weather in Avaria is a serious, consequential matter. If you're outside,
you can look at the sky or the area in order to get an understanding of
the weather, and you can also use the weather command.

If you're inside, you can peer out through a window or a door in order
to see what the weather is like outside. You can also use the weather
command, but depending on where you are inside, you may get less
information. Some places, like the depths of a dungeon, may not contain
any cues about the weather.


Being dressed too warmly or lightly could impact you, as could being
outside during a thunderstorm. Lightning could strike you, especially
if you're on high ground. Swimming during a storm is much more difficult,
and you can't see as far down a street in the rain.

The weather is an impactful matter, so please take appropriate note
of it.

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