Help Topic: Where

Category: World

The 'where' command checks who's online and where people are. This
aids in getting people together for roleplay. The information you
get from the where command can be considered IC information, but the
where command itself is an OOC mechanism. So rather than finding out
that your friend is hanging out at the fountain from 'checking where',
you can imagine that you heard from a passerby they were there.

who / where

Use this command to check people's location! It will only show characters
who are in public, undisguised, and not hidden.

If you want to play with others, a good idea is to go to a public place,
undisguised and not hidden, and engage in whatever reason you have to be

Checking 'who' will show you everyone online, whereas checking 'where'
will show you populated locations in your area.

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