Help Topic: Whisper

Category: Roleplay

People who are in your immediate vicinity will be more likely
to hear whispers, but anyone can see you're doing them, and might
overhear something -- they will see fully any actions within.

Usage for speech:
whisper <text to whisper>
whisper to <person> <text to whisper>
whisper to <direction> <text>

Only the people in your immediate vicinity will see a whispermote,
as an immediate vicinity person is someone in direct physical
contact. Depending on their acuity, people in your general vicinity
might see it, too. You can use it for subtle tells or secretive
gestures such as a squeeze while hugging someone.

When you whisper to a direction, you need to be standing in the
vicinity of that direction, and need to use "to" in your syntax --
whisper "to" <direction>. The only people who will be able to hear
you decently are people who are standing at the vicinity of that
return exit in the other room.

Usage as emote:
whispermote <text that describes an action>
wmote <text that describes an action>
hmote <text that... you get it>
whisper: <text>

You can use any of these emotes with 'to', in order to whispermote
to someone particularly. Anyone in your immediate vicinity will see
a whispermote, but instigating a whisper towards someone -- when
you are not in their immediate vicinity -- will move you there,
and take your balance.

If you don't want to stay 'touching' someone, you may wish to
politely distance a step after whispering.

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