Help Topic: Wield

Category: Items

Simply holding items is different from wielding them, which may
mean you intend to do harm, and allows you to perform weaponry
abilities with weapons.

You can only WIELD one thing in a hand at a time, and if the
weapon is too heavy, you will need to use both hands to wield
it. Those with more strength can wield heavier weapons one-handed.

Items wielded in your better hand, whether right or left, will
be more effective. You will automatically wield weapons in the
hand which you use more often. You can SWITCH anything in
one hand to the other hand, however, or to your teeth.

In order to pass items between hands, you can simply use SWAP.

wield <weapon>
switch <item> to < right | left | teeth >

If you want to quickly put away or get out a weapon to immediately
wield it, you can use the DRAW and ShEATHE commands. Specifying a
container is optional.

draw <weapon> (from <scabbard>)
sheathe <weapon> (in <scabbard>)

A weapon sheathed in an actual sheath will still be noticeable to
onlookers as a weapon.

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