Help Topic: Wield

Category: Items

There are three ways to handle objects, mechanically. Imagine that
there are various things upon the body of a person. This is their
inventory. Things might be worn, or placed in another object.

Coins automatically go into coinpurses and keys onto keyrings. Each
character gets those objects as a part of their inventory, but you
are welcome to craft items to represent what those objects look like,
and wear them.

Your character has a right hand, a left hand, and can also hold
objects in their teeth. They can only carry what they have the
strength to lift, in relation to the weight of the objects.

Hold: This represents possessing an object in a harmless manner.
Someone holding a sword, for instance, will not be ready to use it.
They are holding it in a harmless way and that is deliberate. ManyS
smaller items might be held at one time. Objects too heavy might
need to be carried, with both hands.
Alternate holding commands: get

Wield: It will take some balance to wield something, and you should
emote about it, because that means your character is ready to use
the object in a harmful manner.
Alternate wielding commands: draw

Carry: This will occupy both of your character's hands. People can
be carried. If you use 'haul' for a person and your character is
strong enough, they will only need to use one hand.
Alternate carrying commands: cradle, sweep, swoop, lift, haul

In order to take something out of a container, use:
>> get <object> from <container>

In order to try to take something from another character, use:
>> take <object> from <character>

If you want to switch an object you're holding to a different grip,
>> switch <object> to < right / left / teeth / both >
This will automatically make the object 'held', so if you want it to
be wielded, simply wield it in the other hand. You can't wield things
in your teeth.

Lastly! You may use 'swap', which will simply reverse the things in
your hands.

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